Genealogy Day!

Browsing through today’s “Genealogy Blogging Beat” over at GeneaBloggers, I noticed that today is Genealogy Day!

Genealogy Day has only been around since 2013 when the Christ Church, United Presbyterian and Methodist in Limerick, Ireland got together to celebrate the church’s 200th anniversary.

There are quite a few things you can do to celebrate Genealogy Day:

  1. Start your own family tree.
  2. Volunteer to index records.
  3. Join a genealogical society.
  4. Watch webinars to gain more knowledge in the field of genealogy (see my post about My Top Ten Favourite Legacy Family Tree Webinars).
  5. Teach someone else how to get started tracing their family tree.
  6. Spend time with family telling them what you have discovered.
  7. Spend a day in your PJs with a nice cup of tea, coffee (or a stiff drink, if your ancestors are giving you problems!) and break down a brick wall or start a new line. Do whatever part of your family research that gets you excited!

As for me, I will be spending half of my day doing #7 while having a webinar playing in the background (So many to choose from) and then I will be celebrating my mom’s birthday with our family!

Sounds like a perfect way to enjoy Genealogy Day!

Have a great day!


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