I Found a Gem!

Although it doesn’t hold very much information in regards to children and spouse(s). It does add some interesting information to a lady that has been a mystery to me.

This morning as I was signing up for my yearly membership at the Gatineau Valley Historical Society, I came across a database called the “Text Bank”. Just as I usually do when I come across a new database, I type in the surname “MERCIER” and see what it pulls up. This time when I tried that, I hit gold!

I found the obituary for my husband’s aunt! I know, it is not that far back in the past and that we should have living relatives that remember her and that can tell us things about her, but in our family that is not the case. Sure, her two sisters are still with us and her daughter and grandchildren, nieces and nephews etc. are still alive who remember her, but all the stories I have heard have not put her in the best light.

I will not get into details regarding what I have heard about her as a person as I may have family that read this blog and I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

So back to the obituary that I found this morning. I have not been able to find a birth or baptism record for her as the parish records that I have access to on Ancestry.ca only go up to 1941. I will be making a research trip to the area to research various people in the summer though!

The pieces of information that I have pulled from this obituary that I find interesting are as follows:

  1. She passed away on her nephew’s (my husband) birthday.
  2. She was a friend of St. Joseph’s Women’s Center (which further research has shown was a women’s homeless shelter).
  3. She was buried in Oak Cemetery (I have always been told that she was buried in a different cemetery in common ground).
  4. Her middle name provides a bit more evidence into a family rumour that her father was not really the husband of her mother, but of another man that her mother was seeing while her husband was away in the Second World War.


MERCIER, Cecile Pauline Obituary

I have many more questions than I did before and alot more research to do. Hopefully this summer I will be able to put the rumor to rest by finding her birth/baptism record with her date of birth and analyzing her mother’s husband’s (the man who should be her father) war records to find out if he was “on leave” at or around the time of conception. Who knows what the birth/baptism record will state. Also I would like to know why she was at a women’s homeless shelter as well as where exactly she was buried in Oak Cemetery and who paid for the obituary and burial.

The joy of genealogy research!

Have a great day!