1880 – 1885 Smallpox Outbreak, Maniwaki Indians – Page 1

While searching through the LAC-BAC catalogue for information relating to Maniwaki, I discovered a series of letters that were written by the Indian Agent, Charles Logue, about the smallpox outbreak that broke out in Maniwaki, Quebec between 1880 and 1885. Previously while researching, I found out that my husband’s great grandfather had 4 children that died between this time period, sometimes within the same month at varying ages. I believe that is could be what contributed to their deaths.

I have transcribed (to the best of my ability) the first letter that was sent to the Department of Indian Affairs. This collection has 55 items that I will be posting as I transcribe them.



[Top Right]


Maniwaki 10 Aug 80


[Circular Stamp]

Department of Indian Affairs

August 13 1880



[Diagonally written]



I beg to inform you that

The small pox has broken

out amongst the Indians of

my agency.  Ten or twelve have

already died. There were three

interments yesterday and one

today. The Tete de Boule’s and

many of the River Desert Indians

became terror stricken and cleared

off to the woods. The epidemic

is not spreading very fast and

if I can get the Indians to

exercise even ordinary cautions

which is very difficult. I think

the disease will soon be checked.

The greater number of those

who died were Tete de Boule’s.

No application has yet been

made to me for medical aid.

Several white families have

also caught the disease but very

few deaths has yet occured

amongst them. _______ is become more

alarming I will repost to you,

I have the honour

To be Sir

Your obedient Servant

Chas Logue

Ind Agent

The Honourable

The ________ General

Of Indian affairs



[Written sideways along left margin] [Ripped and torn]

______ _______ receipt ________ ask Mr. Logue when

reporting _______ [further?] on this matter (_____)

in the event of the spread of the disease

to be good enough to suggest to the Dept the

_______ _______ in his judgement, it will be

_______ to take _______ the _______ of _______



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Charles Logue (Maniwaki, Quebec) to Department of Indian Affairs, Letter, 10 Aug 1880; digital images, Government of Canada, “Red Series – Maniwaki Reserve – Outbreak of Smallpox,” Library and Archives Canada (collectionscanada.gc.ca : accessed 21 MAY 2017)


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